Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coming Home

After a yummy Celebration Dinner (St. Al's makes a delicious dinner for "three" to celebrate the babies arrival) on Saturday evening, we headed home to very happy and excited kiddos!!


The Stones said...

He is GOGEOUS!!!! Way to go!!! & he looks just like a Smith child;) Congratulations!!!

The Woods in Idaho said...

Congratulations!!! Heard he was a BIG baby, even if he was a week early. I'm glad that you are home and recovering. He is BEAUTIFUL!

Andrew and Rachel said...

Laura & Nathan! Congratulations! I had NO idea you were prego--and I've been checking in every once in awhile on your blog--you kept it hidden very well!

What a beautiful baby boy! You have 5 beautiful children! I hope you're getting some sleep and recovering! St. Al's is DREAMY to fix a nice meal for you guys! I'm jealous!

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