Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, March 2, 2017


February was a great month! For being so short, we really did a lot. Starting the month off, was Levi's trip to Lego Land with just dad. It was for his birthday and it was a very special trip. He called all the shots and planned his days full of rides, shopping, eating, shopping, fun and shopping. He's just like his dad as he loves to shop!

This was their room. Levi got to have his own TV and bunk bed. He loved everything about his hotel!

The first of many minifigs that he was able to trade.

The water part of the park was awesome!

Eating a meal outside their hotel which was right next to the park.

Thrilled with his "win"!!

Driving a lego car...can't get much cooler than that!

Dad finally got to be in a picture!

Levi found every Batman Lego movie minifig and was pretty proud of that accomplishment! Both dad and Levi had THE BEST TIME!!! Fun memories to last a lifetime!!

We got more snow and had SNOW DAY #7. It was an all time record. All of the kids moaned when I told them school was cancelled. This was the only time Sarah shoveled and so I needed to get a picture so I would remember it.

Valentine's day was completely lovely!!

The most wonderful thing happened in February...our cousins (and Auntie Jayna and Uncle Ryan) moved here from Pennsylvania!! To say that we were excited is a complete understatement!

And then, one weekend Jon, Heidi and his family came to visit AND Nonnie (and Angie, Mark and Sophie but we didn't see them) all came one weekend. It was super fun!!!

Nonnie and Caleb playing Solitaire.

Uncle Jon taught Benjamin how to solve the 3x3 rubik's cube and retaught me. Now we can both solve it.

Sarah and Penny (Ryan's new puppy) snuggling on the couch.

Palmer and a silly face!

Spencer started basketball season. He had two or three games a week for what felt like forever (February and March)!! He did great!!

We went to the Discovery Center and checked out T Rex Sue. She's was pretty cool!!!

Andrew started Driver's training and got to carry this clipboard around everywhere for three weeks. Fun times!!

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