Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I LOVE FALL!!! Our neighborhood is absolutely beautiful during this perfect time of year!

 photo IMG_7805_zpsx8i57qyl.jpg

The kids had a couple of days off at the beginning of the month so we spent one day at the Discovery Center.

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The other day, we spent at The Farmstead and had a blast!!

 photo DSC_0265_zpst5zmpbuw.jpg

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 photo DSC_0220_zpsdznfjexg.jpg

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That's Benjamin...he got covered with the dust in the "Beach of Corn".

 photo DSC_0248_zpsqq1vwbob.jpg

 photo IMG_4486_zpsxazguoyd.jpg

 photo DSC_0231_zps9o6prqjo.jpg

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We had SO much fun!!!

 photo IMG_7705_zpsbfdctxl9.jpg

Nathan finished his quilt.

 photo IMG_4530_zpsa7y3qkfy.jpg

We went to the Harvest Festival at a local nursery.

 photo IMG_4549_zpsphjiw5fm.jpg

 photo IMG_4550_zps9lqr1lz3.jpg

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 photo IMG_4554_zpsdn1yn0up.jpg

Nathan got me tickets to Riverdance for my birthday and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

 photo IMG_4580_zpsmdejk4yf.jpg

Nathan decorated our home for Halloween.

 photo IMG_4587_zpsgp5pax4l.jpg

 photo IMG_4592_zpsophswbzl.jpg

 photo IMG_4594_zpsckosvtxl.jpg

 photo IMG_4607_zpsyaxhelek.jpg

 photo IMG_4609_zpseoxhlpij.jpg

 photo IMG_4613_zps1vawlsrr.jpg

 photo IMG_4616_zpszaof1n5m.jpg

Nathan had a birthday and they got him this cake at work.

 photo IMG_4618_zpswjusamrp.jpg

We helped Sarah make a video for her Youtube channel.

 photo IMG_4631_zps521tv8d2.jpg

 photo IMG_4634_zpsirjhgydw.jpg

Andrew went with friends to Haunted World. They had no idea that creepy guy was right next to them.

 photo IMG_7875_zpsv4ayyxpi.jpg

Nathan helped with an Eagle Scout project at the historical farmhouse.

 photo IMG_4640_zpslk8awzlr.jpg

Andrew started his quilt. Yep, he's pretty excited about it!

 photo IMG_4684_zpswcgtjn1u.jpg

Andrew had a lacrosse tournament and we finally remembered to take pictures. He had a great season making points every game. His team didn't do well but he learned a lot.

 photo IMG_7815 1_zps0zszkaam.jpg

 photo IMG_7821_zpsve0olhd8.jpg

We got together with the Ramey's for our traditional dinner, frosting cookies and carving pumpkins.

 photo IMG_4721_zpstudsqexi.jpg

 photo IMG_4725_zpsgoqnqrcg.jpg

 photo IMG_4733_zps0thztdnt.jpg

Levi and I went on a field trip to the Historical farmhouse in our neighborhood with his school class. We got picked up from the school for a hayride to the farmhouse. We listened to a story, picked a pumpkin to keep, made good garlands for the chickens and feed the goats and sheep.

 photo IMG_7833_zpseo9doe8q.jpg

 photo IMG_7835 1_zpswaq3tzwv.jpg

 photo IMG_7838_zpszr0s1r4x.jpg

 photo IMG_7850 1_zpsmvbyjxln.jpg

 photo IMG_7853 1_zps2assnqzc.jpg

Benjamin and Spencer wrapped up their seasons of flag football. They had awesome coaches and really improved their skills. Spencer even made a touchdown in his last game.

 photo IMG_7860_zpsd6cqdrdt.jpg

 photo IMG_7862_zpsmttypojh.jpg

 photo IMG_7864_zpspnidvmqd.jpg

 photo IMG_7866_zpswlkufvcw.jpg

 photo IMG_7871_zpsqd4xesay.jpg

Two of the boys left to go trick-or-treating with friends before I could get our traditional Halloween picture. I texted other parents and got pictures of those who thought they might get out of pictures this year.

 photo b amp l hallow_zpskufp1fsv.jpg

 photo IMG_7877_zpstzjy4xaj.jpg

 photo IMG_7876_zpszpzvb08t.jpg

Sarah stayed home and did homework and handed out candy.

 photo s hallow_zpso0tameh1.jpg

Some of the houses in our neighborhood really go all out for Halloween and we love it!

 photo 1 hallow_zpsi9erkk9s.jpg

 photo 2 hallow_zpszgfdtf89.jpg

Everyone had a great Halloween night!

 photo IMG_7879_zpsp7hhhrwo.jpg

 photo IMG_7880_zps1oylejql.jpg

 photo IMG_7882_zps6us04bpl.jpg

 photo IMG_7883_zps1t1c4hls.jpg

Don't forget to make Sarah's new recipes on her latest Youtube video!

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