Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spelling bee

Sarah was asked to be in the fourth grade spelling bee along with 12 other kids. She took this very seriously and had mom quiz her on the words (we were given a list to study) from the moment she got home from school until she went to sleep that night and then again the next morning from the time she opened her eyes until she got out of the car at school. She knew EVERY word on that list correctly!! We knew she was going to win. The three youngest boys and mom went to the school to watch Sarah. The first round words weren't even on the list. Good thing Sarah knew how to spell drive. The next three rounds all had words that were on the list...the confidence was building! Then, the next round words weren't on the list and it really threw the kids...including Sarah. We were all SO proud that she made it that far but especially that she worked so hard to do well!

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